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“Blurring Boundaries, Capturing Views.”

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WABI design specializes in the application of traditional Japanese architecture design principles in contemporary architecture.  Traditional architecture has a deep understanding of the harmony between interior and exterior spaces, allowing for a space to interact with its environment.  Through our research experience and documentation of hundreds of traditional building types in Japan, our designs are able to take the best elements of traditional designs to create spaces suited for today. We strive to create spaces without boundaries, a space that is in constant contact with its environment.












WABI design’s philosophy is based on the aesthetics of design through Wabi-Sabi. This term represents a comprehensive Japanese view of design principles. Wabi-Sabi is the beauty found in simplicity, a beauty of natural things, and the appreciation of aging objects. It also gives importance to unfinished elements, because through these the inhabitants of the space can achieve a higher interaction, as they are needed to complete the final space. By improving the interaction of spaces, especially in urban areas, normally crowded spaces with little views can be transformed into places of relaxation.